Monique Campbell

Operations Manager


The beating heart behind the scenes and responsible for keeping Altitude highly organised, Monique’s role as Operations Manager is always fast-paced, and the outstanding attention to detail and deep love she brings to this role is second to none.

Proud of her ability to continually learn and test herself throughout a 9-year real estate career, and now responsible for the smooth day-to-day sailing of our seven busy offices, Monique feels an incredible sense of accomplishment knowing things are efficient and organised, it’s a natural extension of her can-do attitude.

And while enjoying the challenge of growing our team and adapting to new technologies, when it comes to ‘down time’ Monique loves nothing more than connecting to her creative side, particularly through sewing, or cooking up a storm for her busy two-year old and adored her wife, who both bring unlimited joy into her life.

Being blessed with a job she cares deeply about, Monique faces every day with enthusiasm, energy and an obvious zest for life – and that is why she is such a valued member of our team.


Phone: 02 4903 8228

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